Bridal Shower Invites

Bridal Shower Checklist

Okay, so planning a bridal shower can feel like a lot of work. And when I say "a lot", what I'm really saying is an immense amount that might feel like you're planning more than just a party.

Well, that is because in many ways you are. But if you're like me then you love a good checklist. And when it comes to weddings (and the activities that revolve around them) then you should too!

SO what lands on a bridal shower check list?

Let's break it down into the different stages.

Three Months Before

  • Set the date for the shower
  • Get the guest list from the bride.
    • If she procrastinates it is probably because she is getting it from her mother
  • Confirm the venue that you'll be using
  • Decide on the theme for the shower
  • Set a budget that you can reasonably manage
    • There is no need to take a small loan out when throwing the party
  • Order the bridal shower invitations

See. A quarter of the year in advance. What normal parties require that much early planning?

cupcake cards

Six to Eight Weeks Before

A month or so after you've started planning it is time to start the next stage. If we've gotten everything together from the last part this will be a little bit easier.

  • Now you really need that guest list, make sure it contains addresses for each of the guests
  • If there will be out of town guest (this is generally the case) email them so they have an idea of when they need to begin traveling
  • You have made thoughts on theme and setting, now it is time to put them all down and choose those that work and discard the ones that don't
    • Start preparing the decor, menu and other items specific to the shower
  • Order the tables, chairs, linens and all other rentals to ensure that you get them on time
  • Organize the other bridesmaids, assigning them with tasks you can't do yourself or various Do-It-Yourself projects

One Month Before

  • Mail out the invitations
    • If there are any special instructions you need to include, or if you have a gift registry include these here
  • Purchase time:
    • Any food that can be bought ahead of time and stored should be done now
    • This includes any items you need to prepare or serve the food
    • If you haven't purchase all of the decorations yet do so now
  • Select any flowers or center pieces now so that the florist can have them prepared for the date of the shower
  • Game time:
    • Chose the entertainment you will be organizing for the shower
    • This includes: games, icebreakers, music and other forms of entertainment
  • You have the invitations all mailed out, but that doesn't mean you're done yet
    • Showers have a high demand for paper products
    • If you will have any custom printing done make sure that you do so now
    • Printers are nutritiously slow at times, and if you're in a hurry they can be nutritiously expensive
  • Check back with the bridesmaids to make sure that they are either finished with their assignments or will have them completed in a reasonable amount of time

One Week Before

  • Contact all of the guests who have failed to RSVP you
    • This can be a little bit of a pain since you have given them ample time to respond, but so people are just rude
  • Party favors are a big part of showers, make sure that you have all of your assembled and ready to go
  • Order the balloons
  • Order your cake
    • If you are not making the cake yourself make sure you find one that will serve the amount of guest you'll be hosting
  • Purchase the rest of the food
  • Make a schedule for which food items need to be prepared when
  • Choose a layout

The Day Before

Okay, nor things are getting close, if you haven't gotten all of the things done before today you may be too late.

  • Begin preparing the food that can be made ahead and stored without spoiling or loosing its appeal
  • Pick up your flowers from the florist
  • Pick up your balloons
  • Pick up your cake and any other food you require
  • Arrange the seating to promote a comfortable and open atmosphere
  • Prepare the area where you'll be serving food and drinks with the rough layout
    • Things may change once you begin setting food out
whimsical themed options

The Day Of

You've made it. The big day (for you) is finally here. Will you efforts pay off? Of course they will.

  • Do any last minute cleaning
  • Arrange your balloons and other decorations around the venue
  • Shortly before the first guests are expect set out the food and drinks
    • If some of the bridesmaids will be helping you they can take care of this while you welcome the first guests

And that's it. You've made it all the way through. Of course there is always the clean up. But until then you're free to have fun and enjoy one of the biggest hosting duties you'll ever be expected to arrange.