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Here at Bridal Shower Invite we're pleased to say that we have collected together some of the most amazing designs you'll find. Currently you'll find 84,000+ unique and customizable invites here, ready for your celebration.

Are you looking for the hot designs? Then this is where you'll want to start looking! Here are today’s most popular designs grouped by category.

Country Rustic Mason Jar Hydrangea Bridal Shower Custom Invites
Country Rustic Mason Jar Hydrangea Bridal Shower Custom Announcements
Chalkboard Mason Jar Baby's Breath Bridal Shower Custom Invitations
Vintage Chalkboard Bridal Shower Invites
Bridal Shower Invitation | Elegant Wedding Gown Invite
Couture Gown Bridal Shower Invitation (Purple) Personalized Invitations
burlap and mason jars bridal shower invitations invitations
Bridal Shower Invitation | Elegant Wedding Gown Custom Invitations
Sweet Teacup Pink Floral Bridal Shower Invitation
Bridal Shower Invitation | Elegant Wedding Gown Custom Invitation
Pink Hydrangea Monogrammed Mason Jar Bridal Shower Custom Invitations
Love Birds Falling Hearts Oak Tree Bridal Shower Personalized Announcements

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Here are just a few of the most popular invitations by their theme.

There are a lot of different types of invitations for you to choose from. We have a nice arrangement of rustic themed designs that will give you a wonderful warm chance to celebrate a memorable shower before the wedding.

Country Invitations

Are you looking for country rustic invitations for your wedding or bridal shower? There are a lot of different chances for you to find the fitting design for your invitations. From simple templates that provide you with the basics to elaborate designs that give you more creative options that you imagine possible, picking out the right one comes down to your tastes and expectations.

A classic countrywedding can be summed up by the emotions that it generates for the guests that are present. A country wedding that is well planned takes the different pieces that you want into account and builds them into an amazing mosaic. The end results is a vivid depiction of the various things you find important. And now you can do the same for the bridal shower.

When you decide to plan a bridal or wedding shower to fit the theme of the big day you need to have a clear understanding of the pieces that are being put into it. That means that when you are finished you not only have a wonderful shower, but you have one that compliments the wedding as well. A bridal shower is a fun chance to you to try your hand as a hostess, planning an event that by itself is one of a kind, but at the same time it gives you a way to create an atmosphere that is both complimentary and appealing to the guest of honor.

After all a bridal shower is for the honoree, and if she is a little bit country throwing her a country rustic shower is more than appropriate.

For this purpose we have made every effort to include a number of different options to help you find the right country invitations. If you are thinking that not all country showers are created equally you would be right. Because of this fact we have categorized them by various criteria. You can find amazing example of mason jar and vintage invitations that focus on different aspects of the same theme.

Each invitation is designed with you in mind. While they will produce amazing professional results when they are printed, you do not need to be a professional designer. No matter what you are looking for you can find a template that will give you the results you're looking for.

Are you looking for something besides rustic invitations?

More Examples

Do you need more help? More inspiration? There are more than enough excellent choice that could have appeared here, though in the end we had to settle on just a few of them. And we had it easy. You only get to pick one invitation to send.

The following examples are taken from much larger collections of invites. If you see one that interests you click on it, or the link to full category for similar options.

Country Rustic Mason Jar Flowers Bridal Shower Personalized Invites
Graceful Lace Bridal Shower Invitation
Rustic Burlap Sunflower Bridal Shower Invitations
Vintage Lace & Linen Rustic Country Bridal Shower Personalized Invite
Gold Glittering Confetti Bridal Shower Invite
Lovely Chalkboard Bridal Shower Invitation
Rustic Country Burlap Bridal Shower Invitations
Bridal Shower Invitation | Elegant Wedding Gown Custom Announcements
Coral Lace Burlap Bridal Shower Invitation
Chic Pink Modern Bride Contemporary Bridal Shower Personalized Invitation
Blue Bridal Shower Invitations Damask
Autumnal leaves Bridal Shower Invitation Invitation
Floral Chalkboard Bridal Shower invitation
Chalkboard Mason Jar Bridal Shower Invitation
Rustic Mason Jar Bridal Shower Invitation Custom Announcements
Mad Hatter Bridal Shower Invitations
Purple Hydrangea Monogram Mason Jar Bridal Shower Personalized Invitations

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Here are just a few of the available color choices you’ll find on the site. If you would like to view more colors please visit the full list of options.

Dark Purple
Light Purple
Deep Red
Pale Red

Even if you have a truly unique color chosen from the shower there is a good chance that you will find it here among these fabulous options. If not, then there is a good chance that you will find a similar color filled with potential candidates.

Bridal Showers

When it comes to a happily ever after there are a number of steps along the way. One of them is the bridal shower. The modern shower is a stylish affair filled with family and friends in a day dedicated to the beautiful bride to be. It is a chance for her to connect with loved ones that she may otherwise not get to see as often as she like. It is a chance for the guests to relax and enjoy a fun filled day of food and festivities.

The shower also gives her a chance to receive gifts that will come in handy once she is married. But before those steps are taken you have a whole list of tasks on your todo list before the soirée can begin. One of the first steps along your way is finding that fitting invite you know your guest of honor would love.

If you have ever hosted a party of this nature then you already know the amount of work that goes into it. Events like this require careful planning. Skillful organization and above all patients. Because things have a way of becoming stressful, especially when you haven't taken the steps necessary to reduce the work load. One excellent way to achieve this is to know who is coming to celebrate the shower. Having a clear idea of the number of guests allows you to arrange the special day accordingly.

And for that you need to pick out the invite.

And that is where we have you covered. We have been able to add close to 90,000+ beautiful invitations to the site. And these aren't your run of the mill designs either. If you're looking for something a little different for your celebration then you've come to the right place. Sure, we have the traditional designs that you would expect. But if you want something more unique, a couples shower for example, then you'll find what you're looking for here.

Whatever type of theme you are interested in there is a wide range of options available once you have found what you are looking for. These include things like: paper type, border styles (are you looking for a certain cut?), and more. It isn't only easy to find what you're looking for it can even be fun.

The Party

One thing to remember when you're setting out, is to no limit yourself on the old ideas of what a shower has to be.

Bridal showers have evolved a lot in the last couple of decades. In the beginning they were almost all styled alike. Simple parties where guests could shower a young woman with the necessary items she would need in her married life.

Today that is not always a requirement.

Many women are getting married at a later age with more personal financial stability. Some couples even need to reduce their individual households when they merge together.

That means that a shower – while still a party – is mostly a party. Some opt for the subdued style while others will let loose with a fun filled girl’s night out. (Not to be confused with a bachelorette party, that is a separate affair altogether)

It doesn’t matter what the reason or the theme. The goal is always the same. Fun. Friendship. And a chance to celebrate the impending marriage.